Hi! You are entering april_0410 aka Devan journal. I am Andrea, I am a huge Mao and Jun fan. I started my addiction when I watched Hana Yori Dango. I saw their chemistry on screen and I am rooting and hoping that they're together in real life. Because of my fandom, I came to encounter Arashi. They are my favorite group because of their dorkiness and they are really close. Exploring further, became a Ikuta Toma fan. He is my ichiban as you can see in my friends only post. This journal is full of rants about fandom and real life. Please check out ouji_to_hime. This is my baby! :) It is a subbing community dedicated to sub Hanadan videos and Jun and Mao's individual works. If you have the talent to translate, time or typeset, don't hesitate to pm me... Enjoy!

Yay!! Mao's renzoku drama is confirmed!!

Thanks to misswoodihut for the info that she posted in inouemao community.

To see the post, please go HERE

I need to search for a translator ouji_to_hime will definitely sub this drama!!!

Any takers?? LOL

I am so excited! ShunxMao!

A certain person will be so jealous that he will visit the set of this drama... HnA is in TBS anyways... He will reason out that he's visiting Shun and I think director Iishi is the director of the drama too, so he will say that he's visiting the hanadan staff (Mao!)


I love the latest single of Tokio! of course Toma is there! So cute!

I am posting some .gifs! Thanks to strawberry_gemm for her .gifs

I love Tokio and Toma! Dorkiness overload!

I wish he could hug me that way.... LOL!

If you want to watch it, here the link:

Thanks to jdownload for the video...

(I want to open a comm for Tokio, coz they're the only JE group that doesn't have a comm... I still need to think about it...)

Graphics: Ikuta Toma, Inoue Mao and Arashi

Hello! I back with my graphics! Sorry if I have mistakes. I enjoy working with icons and an Arashi banner.. They're so sexy here? LOL If you're using them, please leave a comment and credit me.

1. Ikuta Toma

2. Inoue Mao

3. Arashi Banner

You know who my ichiban is neh? LOL... I love the banner! I never thought I made it like that... LOL. I am still working on arashi icons...


Fanart Part 2

Here are some icons. I admire people who make beautiful icons... It takes alot of creativity and patience to learn the techniques. I hope you like them. Next project..... I will attempt to make banners. Coming up, Arashi icons.

Mao and Jun

Inoue Mao

I hope you like it.

Perfect (One-shot)

Title: Perfect
Author: april_0410, devan
Genre: fluff, real-life,
Warnings: adult language
Summary: Mao was washing the dishes and Jun was watching her...
Author's Note: This idea came to me when I watched Tokudane. They were asked to rank themselves who is more erotic... And they talked about breast and butts. LOL This was not proofread.. sorry for any mistakes. Done!


Collapse )

Happy Birthday Mao-chan!

Happy Birthday Mao-chan!
We hope that you would have a lot of projects this year.
I hope that all your wishes will come true.
Enjoy this day!!!!
I am looking forward to your future projects!

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